Individual Registration for a full KTMP course

You can take the entire KTMP course as an Individual Registrant (IR) even if you don't live near an active KTMP team, or have a very full schedule.  An IR is an individual that is taking the complete Keeping Track Monitoring package on their own, without an affiliation with a tracking group.  These trackers will be jumping from one group to another as their schedule allows.  When you register through our Keeping Track office we will provide you information about the fee, as well as a materials and guidelines provided to each KTMP tracker. We will also provide  you with the contact information for the KTMP team’s coordinator whose classes you decide to attend. You will be expected to stay in contact with the coordinator before attending the class in order to get instructions and directions for time and meeting location. This helps with logistics and carpooling since you will know more about your specific needs than we will.  Contact our office with any questions. For the 2014 season the cost for participation in a full KTMP course is $550.00. This includes six field classes, two evening classes and all written materials and tracking equipment.