Support Wildlife and Habitat

Help us continue getting wildlife's message out 

Keeping Track is dedicated to inspiring people to conserve important wildlife habitat  -- including in their own communities. Continuing concerns about Covid along with Sue Morse eeding to focus on two book projects have moved us into developing online events to help people advocate for stronger local protections for wildlife and habitat.

This makes us more dependent than ever on the generosity of donors like you. Plesae help us continue building public appreciation and understanding for all that nature provides, and the responsibility of humans to protect and preserve it. 

Donate online here

Please click here to make a donation through Qgiv, our wonderful fundraising partner. Or mail your donation check to Keeping Track, P.O. Box 1115, Richmond, VT 05477.  As a non-profit, you deducation may entitle you to tax benefits. Your financial advisor can assist you on that.

However you help us continue carrying the torch for wildlife, we thank you very, very much. (And if you'd like to specifically support Sue's habitat conservation book project, you'll find hat project's GoFundMe page here.)

Needing to deduct from a 401(k) account?

Check with your financial advisor to see how you can avoid income taxes on retirement withdrawals by having a donation made directly from your account to Keeping Track, a non-profit organization.