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I'd been running around like a ch***en with my h**d chopped off filling orders for Sue Morse's 2019 Wildlife and Habitats book and now they're gone, gone, gone! And I can get some shut-eye! Thanks to all for supporting Keeping Track ... we're all incredibly thankful for your help. And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

"From the Arctic to the Everglades: Skills for Every Naturalist's Toolbox"

Take the time to view this fascinating address, presented by Sue Morse at a Plenary Session in April, 2015. Sue's reflects upon her 40-year career as a student of nature in habitats throughout North America, as varied as the northern forest, the desert southwest, the Everglades and more recently, the Arctic. Sue will engage you in a consideration of the tools used by naturalists, and our increasing and vital responsibility to defend the natural world. During these difficult times, the pandemic has limited Sue's travel, but we hope she will able to take on new adventures soon. Click on the title below and enjoy the show!

Help wildly expand habitat protection!

Please consider supporting Susan Morse's research on her book project that will serve as a comprehensive tool to be used by wildlife biologists, naturalists, land trust officials, students, and the general public across North America to conserve critical wildlife habitat.
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