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Now on YouTube: "Wild About Wild Habitat"

Sue's latest show about what makes certain landscapes critical to wildlife and biodiversity is now available for free on YouTube. It's packed with stories based on Sue's decades of research, all against a backdrop of her renowned photographs of area flora and fauna. You'll learn how even what appear to be highly developed areas can host rich and vital pockets of wildlife -- and how we can ensure their survival. And be sure to use the comment box to let us know what you think about the show! Many thanks to the host of this fun and fascinating event, Declan McCabe of St. Michael’s College Center for the Environment. Heaps of heartfelt appreciation as well to our co-sponsors -- Vermont Family Forests, The Watershed Center, and Lewis Creek Association.

Care About Caribou?

For 15 years Sue Morse's patient endeavors in the Arctic have put her close not only to caribou but, as her photos also show, polar bears, musk oxen, Arctic foxes, ptarmigan, and wolves. The Alaska Wilderness League recently invited her to give a presentation in its "Geography of Hope" series about her experiences and perspecitives of the vast wilderness caribou and others species inhabit and depend upon. Don't miss this opportunity to see Sue's remarkable images of these animals, and hear first-hand the intimate knowledge and wisdom that only comes from decades of "boots on the tundra" field research.

When my mother and I emerged from our den last spring...

...the sun was warm, the sky was blue – as blue as my eyes, my mother said. But I soon learned that unchecked development continues eating away at our forest home. And that, thanks to climate change, life in what's left is harder than ever. Luckily, people like you want to safeguard forests, wildlife and biodiversity. Your continuing support for Keeping Track is needed so it can continue inspiring people to conserve healthy habitats for all living things.  Please join Keeping Track in saving critical habitats today.
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