The Team

"Not only does Sue model excitement and love of place, but she surrounds herself with a wonderful staff of volunteers and interns who are highly capable and enthusiastic."
-- Christie Nold, School Programs Coordinator, Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vt.

Sue Morse, Science Director

Sue is the founder of Keeping Track®, developer of its track and sign protocols, and leader of its field training programs and workshops. She has spent well over three decades researching wildlife, documenting her findings in articles and public presentations and being the subject of many publications herself. She lives in Jericho, Vermont. More information


Phil Sharpsteen, Board President

Phil’s interests can be summed up with the phrase “the 3B’s”—not Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, but Bach, Bridge and Bluegrass.  Also, Phil can be relied upon to enjoy any opportunity to experience fine dining.  Phil volunteers his services to Keeping Track and supervises taxes and preparation of budget information for general purposes and grant applications.  He also serves as President of Keeping Track’s Board.


Bobbie Summers, Technical Support Manager

Bobbie attributes her love of the natural world as a primary reason for working for Keeping Track.  She is active in animal rescue and is a member of Dragonheart Vermont, a cancer support organization that competes in dragon boat races to raise funds for cancer patients and research.  She is responsible for Keeping Track's office, sales and computer functions, and works with Sue to catalogue Sue's many photos and create Keeping Track's PowerPoint presentations.