Green Across the World Returns to Wolfrun!

Keeping Track is very grateful to Peter Lynch for including us as part of a long-term cultural and environmental exchange program with Green Across the World (GATW) on July 24th and 25th, 2019.  Below are a few photographs taken by Susan Morse of the students enjoying their field workshops at Wolfrun. 


            Peter Lynch with one of the GATW classes at Wolfrun
      Peter Lynch with GATW class at Wolfrun                     Student fascinated by fungi

Left: Delighted student experiments with Yorick the bear skull      
Right: Bear skull helps students visulize how the bear bit the tree while scent marking

GATW sends message of love to the bears and so does another group on the second day                

Left: Students and faculty enjoy bonfire and barbecue at Wolfrun
Right: S'mors were a hit; homemade ginger cookies made by neighbor Cynthia with toasted marshmallows