Green Across the World Returns to Wolfrun!

Keeping Track is very grateful to Peter Lynch for including us as part of a long-term cultural and environmental exchange between North America, China and Japan.  GATW is now doing exchange programs in other parts of the world, such as in Bhutan, helping to develop international relations of peace and prosperity.  Below are pictures of GATW participants at Wolfun, taken by Susan Morse, and also a quote from student Liu Zumei from Hua Fu Shi Zhong High School, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.  The quote makes it very clear that good communication allows us to work together for the common good, whether we live  in rural Vermont or one of the largest cities in the world.  If more could follow the example set by Sue and Liu Zumei, maybe there could be Peace Across the World!

Here is what Liu Zumie had to say about her visit to Wolfrun:

When we were with Keeping Track in a family-owned forst, the leading forest manager (that's Sue) showed us some trees where mother bears hide their kids from adult males.  She told us that these "refuge" trees and other parts of the forest must be linked with patches of tress to provide animals with a complete habitat.  I looked at the trunk marked by bites and punctures of the giant bears, and I realized how natural this is, like the necessarily linked bathroom, dining room, kitchen and such at our houses.  This understanding came so naturally into my mind it felt like a part of my consciousness, and the environment around me formed a link with my mind.

Another quote, made by Shieri Okawabata, a participant in the first Japanese visit to North America in 2010, reinforces the fact that these students have fun discovering and learning from their visits to Wolfrun.  Shieri Okawabata says:

When I saw the wetlands for the first time! "wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!"

Below are some pictures of Chinese GATW students visiting Wolfrun.  The introductory picture on our home page shows two students looking up at moose hairs on a log. They are participants in GATW's Totorri program for Japanese exchange students.

CLOCKWISE the pictures are of a GATW group with leaders Peter Lynch and Xia Tao, Dean of Students at Hua Fu Shi Zhong; Student being a Bear: Students checking out bear sign; Dinner was great, especially the marshmallows