Caribou Across the Arctic: Stories from the Land


Spend the first day of summer with Sue Morse on a photo journey into the Arctic as she studies its huge herds of caribou as they face the unprecedented challenges of our age. She'll share anecdotes from her years studying this magnificent animal and its epic annual journeys and reveal many insights into their fascinating behavior. Along the way you'll also meet some of their neighbors, among them polar bears, musk oxen, Arctic foxes, ptarmigan and wolves. 

This is a by-donation event to benefit the Jericho (VT) Town Library. We encourage you to support this event by sending a contribution today to Jericho Town Library, PO Box 1055, Jericho, VT, 05465. Or contribute right now through Venmo: @jtl-donate, confirmation code 0012. Thank you!

Click here at 5/30 pm EDT on June 21 to join the webinar