Wish List

Keeping our programs in the field and on the road, not to mention keeping our office humming in the meantime, takes a lot of effort for a shoe-string operation such as ours. Since we want every available dollar to go toward wildlife programming Keeping Track® absolutely loves stretching its limited budget by using hand-me-down equipment in good condition and donated services. Here's the current list of what we're looking for. And if you have something you'd like to donate but aren't sure if we could use it, please let us know.

Sponsor an Intern

Keeping Track's ability to run successful programs of all kinds depends on the invaluable help we get from interns. By sponsoring an intern, you'll not only be helping not only Keeping Track and the people and wildlife who benefit from our programs but you'll also be providing an important career stepping stone to the intern. Call us today to discuss how your sponsorship could be arranged.

Tell the World (Or Your Town)

We're always wishing that more people understood more about what wildlife need -- namely, places to live, feed and raise their young out of harm's way. Why not talk to your local librarian, educators or civic group about sponsoring a Keeping Track slide presentation. Thanks to a couple of grants, there's a good chance you'll qualify for a discount that will bring the cost well within your budget, even if you don't do what many groups do and charge a few dollars admission.

Also on the List

  • Vehicle maintenance services near Jericho or Richmond, Vermont
  • Postage stamp