Sue Morse's new book!

Wildlife enthusiasts across the continent will want to clear a spot on their bookshelves for this a big, beautiful, updated collection of all of Sue's articles and photographs from years of Northern Woodlands magazine.

More than 80 articles included in its 240 pages, covering 24 species, from beaver and black bear to wolves, woodchuck and everything in between. Plus a special collection of articles on general tracking tips and techniques as taught in the Keeping Track Monitoring Program (KTMP) field courses.

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Take a look inside:

Table of Contents
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Northern Forest Mammal Tracking 2-Sided Card - $7
This 4.5"x7.5" waterproof card is full of information including accurate renderings of 31 mammal species tracks. For fast identification, tracks are divided into 4 movement categories: Walkers and Waddlers on one side; Hoppers and Bounders on the other. All include front and hind prints plus stride and straddle measurements. Attaches to backpack or keychain with sturdy ring.



English/Metric Tracking Ruler - $7 - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
This folding multi-function ruler is designed to measure length and width of tracks & scat. Back side shows tracks of 19 species.




Mammal Track Bandana - 21" square - $7
Our green Mammal Track Bandana depicts accurate renderings of the tracks of 20 native northeastern species. Wear it around your neck, or tie it to your backpack. Makes a great gift!


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