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  • "Research & Rescue in the High Arctic"
    Sue's recent photo trip to far northern Canada Learn More ›
  • Habitats & Highways
    Making roads safer for people and wildlife. Learn More ›
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    Engaging young learners in the study of nature. Learn More ›
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  • Help take us into our NEXT 20 years!
    Grow citizen science's success in saving wildlife! LEARN MORE ›
  • Community Education
    Inspiring greater understanding of wildlife needs. Learn More ›
  • "From the Arctic to the Everglades"
    Sue's talk at a prestigious scientific conference Learn More ›

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  • Read about Sue Morse's encounters with polar bears, wolves and other wildlife in Canada's High Arctic -- plus the key role she played in a dramatic rescue from the sea ice! Learn More ›

  • Bring Sue Morse to your community for timely, fascinating presentations on everything from cougars to climate change Learn More ›

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