Track Us Down

To learn more about:

  • Setting up or joining a Keeping Track® wildlife monitoring team
  • Booking a special event, slide presentation, youth program or technical workshop
  • Habitat & Highways

Please contact Sue Morse at our Field Office at (802) 899-2023.

For information on making a gift, grant, bequest or any of many other ways you can support our work to conserve wildlife habitat, please click here.

For other inquiries, please email or call our office at (802) 434-7000. Having moved our offices from Huntington, our new mailing address is:

P. O. Box 1115
Richmond, VT 05477

Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST

"You would be giving yourself and your colleagues a great gift to go tracking in the woods with Sue Morse. Sue is more than an expert guide and authority on flora and fauna. She is a wonderful storyteller, and the way she is able to transport you into her world of bobcats, bear, coyote and other friends is nothing short of magic. Through stories, tracks, signs, and occasional sightings their world comes to life. At the end of the day you will feel as if you know them a bit better, as if you have been a privileged guest in their home. And maybe--just maybe--they have gotten a good look at you, too."
--Steven J. Holmes, Sustainable Communities Program Director, Vermont Natural Resources Council